Syllabus Time

Because I've had a ton of other stuff to work on, I put off working on syllabus 1 and 2 until (eh hem!) this past weekend. But now I have drafts of both documents (class websites coming soon), and they couldn't be more different. The first syllabus, for "Composition Theory and Practice," is kinda normal; the second, for "The Graphic Novel," resembles a comic book.

You know those classes you look forward to teaching for months and months, and then finally get to teach? For me, this is one of those classes. A chance to teach writing in the context of discussions of visual culture, art, narrative, and the novel. Yummy!

And then, when weekends come around and it's time to do the reading, I think I can handle it.


  1. Oh! I'm teaching a course on the graphic memoir next fall. Can I get a copy of the syllabus? How did you create it? Comic Life?

  2. Yup, Comic Life. I took the image you see using a digital camera, photoshopped it into something a bit more iconic, and then pasted it into Comic Life. Purty easy.

    Syllabus sent via email. :)