Zotero Bibliographic Tool

I've been frustrated lately because the two tools I've used for a long time to produce bibliographies in multiple formats and keep my reading database—Endnote and Filemaker Pro, respectively—have been bugging me. I can't stand Endnote's interface (visually), and switching back-and-forth between the two applications has been prohibitive. In addition, I've started to resent applications that live on my hard drive(s) instead of online.

So this morning I started using Zotero ... and I think I might like it. As you may know, Zotero is a plugin for Firefox, so it allows you to collect citations, export bibliographies (drag-and-drop, man), and keep notes right in your browser window.

In addition, Zotero creates funky little time lines based on the citations you have in a reading list, so you can visualize when the stuff you've found was published in relation to everything else.

What I'm less crazy about, using Zotero, is how time consuming it will be to import my existing records (six years worth) from Endnote and Filemaker Pro. It looks like I can do it, but lining up the fields in the merge will take some time.

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