Suction at the Curb

I've seen this sight twice in the last week, so decided to stop and snap a quick pic.

It's of a picture of supersession: a Super Duper Mega Suction Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (represented by the empty box) has taken the place of a Regular Old Vac (upright at the curb).


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    When technology is eclipsed by technology, we always assume newer is better is progress.

    All I can picture are the poor, outdated but always resilient appliances from The Brave Little Toaster . . .


  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    B/c I'm the only geek who remembers (or ever saw) The Brave Little Toaster . . . a refresher


  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    (For some reason, in Firefox the "Word Verification" graphic never shows up, so to comment I always have to switch to IE. How annoying.)

    When I was little, I used to *love* vacuum cleaners. I would seek them out in restaurants, and I remember this great picture book I had when I was preliterate--on the cover was a red desktop phone that the book was in the shape of, and various household appliances were featured inside, including a red vacuum cleaner. I just loved it.

    My current vacuum I also love: it's red (of course). An upright Kenmore with ultra Hepa filtration everywhere and a dirt sensor and autotraction. It's pretty good, though for hardwoods you really need a canister-style vacuum cleaner. But I just don't like those as well.


  4. for some reason, tt, I'm not surprised to learn of this interest! :)