Access to Library Collections Down Again

[14:34] metaspencer: I have been having the
hardest time searching the library website
online ... is the site down or something?

[14:34] librarian: hi - yes, the site is down.

[14:34] librarian: I'm sorry about the inconvenience.

[14:35] librarian: we haven't heard when it will
be fixed.

[14:35] metaspencer: is there any way to
access the catalog at the library? I
desperately need to do some research ...

[14:35] librarian: there isn't a way to get
to the on-line catalog, but you might be able
to find some information through our on-line
resources. let me send you the link...

[14:36] metaspencer: okay ... thanks

[14:36] librarian: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/orr/

[14:36] librarian: you can look up specific
journals or use the "article indexes &
abstracts" tab to search by subject

[14:36] metaspencer: oh yeah, I tried that:
but what I need is to access the collections
... no other search tools for volumes (books)?

[14:37] librarian: I'll be with you in a minute.

[14:37] metaspencer: ok

[14:38] librarian: apparently the catalog is up again.

[14:38] librarian: I'll give it a try.

[14:39] metaspencer: still not working for me as
I do a simple author search on the main page

[14:39] metaspencer: (boy, it's a sad day when
you can't do an author search)

[14:39] librarian: it still doesn't seem to be
working. There is access to books through the
"World Cat" system, but you won't be able to
see if our copy is available because of our
system being down.

[14:39] librarian: I'll send you the link to World Cat...

[14:40] librarian: http://newfirstsearch.oclc.org/WebZ/...

[14:40] librarian: that came through strangely -
let me try again.

[14:40] metaspencer: thanks; I use worldcat regularly,
but can I request books through that portal?

[14:40] metaspencer: (hmmm ... not seeing an announcement here: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/systems/status/)

[14:40] librarian: I haven't seen an announcement either.

[14:41] metaspencer: ok

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  1. This is dao. You just shouldn't waste your time trying to read something for school:)