Do You I-Sight?

My new computer, the one I paid for out of pocket,* has one of these little i-sight camera dealies. Basically, it is the eyes of TJ Eckleberg that are always watching, only it is only one eye and incredibly seductive.

As in, I can't stop snapping pictures of myself with the little bugger. For those of you w/ built-in-i-sight-action, do you find yourself posing for your computer endlessly? I take a picture of myself like every time I sit down to work; I'm cutting a long boring movie about the writing project I'm in the middle of; I've even started to wield my entire computer as a camera. Very silly.


* Grrrrr. Long story there involving a $250 spending limit kinda thing. Grrrrr.


  1. At Christmas I got bumped from a flight from El Paso to Hartford (long story) but since I had purchased it with "full rate" miles and was being nice, instead of a dick like everyone else, I suddenly found myself flying 1st class from El Paso to JFK. Long story short, the woman next to me spent the last 20 minutes of the flight doing her makeup using the MacBook camera as a de facto mirror. What will those kids think of next?

  2. There's a whole youtube sub-genre of photo-a-day-for-a-year posts, some clearly done with an isight or webcam of some sort. Here's an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B26asyGKDo.

    Properly handled, your "long, boring movie" could become a quick minute-and-a-half of marginal entertainment value.

  3. I love the makeup action! I've used mine, too, to look behind me in cafés ... only it then becomes obvious to people behind you that you're looking at them.

    Let's hear it for marginal entertainment! :)

  4. just wait 'til your home internet goes out for a few days ... i have a whole series with the photobooth mirror distortion ... lovely, if somewhat embarrassing, distraction

  5. Ah yes, the filters! Use 'em all! :)

  6. As a PC person, I only experience this secondhand when my pal E emails me pictures of her teaching outfits. Fun!

  7. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I am getting ready to order one of these laptops, despite the crazy camera eye. PB had his pointed at me the other day (though he assured me I was only being broadcast to Gail's office). It just kind of weirds me out . . . like I'm being watched. Maybe I'll make a little eye patch for it. A different kind of piracy.


  8. You may be the first person to put a piece of tape over your iSight camera!