Found Friday, Super Size Me!

I know it's been a while since Found Friday has been in action, but maybe this find (from just last night!) will rejuvenate things around the Found Department.

The list of 14 rules makes me think: what are the fourteen rules for my job?


Writing on Hands

VP hooked me up with a link to this video featuring clever writing-on-hands. Since my students in 482: Writing Technologies will be doing an extended research project on writing-on-hands this semester, I thought I'd embed the vid:


Time Trial Today

Despite that the current leader of the Tour is reported to be quite a fan of cow blood,* the racing has been pretty good.

Graham Watson continues to post amazing pictures of the race online, and the dudes who keep up with the ticker at Velonews.com are a riot.


* I'm sorry, but I simply cannot bring myself to write "cows blood" instead of "cow blood." Why the plural? Possible The Translator can explain this usage issue for me.


Moby Dick Goes Down

While there may be some debate out there as to the importance of Moby Dick, it appears the folks at the Champaign Public Library decided to settle the debate by throwing this copy in the dumpster. That's call number TRSH 453.3.

Free bins vs. landfills when it comes to used books? Hmmm, you make the call.

Dogs and Bikes Don't Mix

In case you missed the snapshots of the Tour's canine encounter, there is a painful sequence of what happened here.

In case you don't care one sniffle about the Tour de France, I apologize and can promise you that I will return to inane discussions of found notes before summer's end.

The Tour is in the Mountains!

You know you're a little bit obsessed with the Tour de France when ... you find yourself reading live updated graphs of rider heart rates online:

There is also the amazing locate your cyclist link which makes said cyclist into a little dot on a Google Map. Oh to be a little dot on a Google Map!

And the Tour is totally exciting this year—no clear sense of who's going to be in the lead after this round of mountains, and plenty of struggling for position.


Records in the Trash at the Library

Stopped by the Champaign Public Library this morning to return some books; found a great set of swing records in the dumpster.

The series has been reviewed as "one of Time- Life's most popular sets, having been reissued at least three times since its introduction in the early 1970s." Apparently the library staff decided the best place for the collection was in the dumpster. (19 records in all)

Checking the catalog, it looks like you can find copies of the records at nearby libraries, which is cool, buy why on Earth does the library not have a "free" bin out front for such materials?

Anyway, if you want to listen to these babies, just email the head librarian at the Metaspencer Lending Library. No library card necessary.


ED sends me a link to this nice page of "passive aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers."


Funny Blog Comment of the Week

Remember that old old old post about skateboarding signage? Well, yet another comment came in this week ... I love it!


Definitions of Rhetoric

Definitions of rhetoric tend to vary; I like this one by Ralph Cintron:

Rhetoric is that disciplinary art that imprecisely tracks the making of social imaginaries, including their histories, possible futures, and connections to material conditions; it assumes that individual thoughts and feelings, no matter how idiosyncratic, precipitate out of a social imaginary linked to specific material conditions.

UPDATE: Several other definitions are compiled at americanrhetoric.com


Do You I-Sight?

My new computer, the one I paid for out of pocket,* has one of these little i-sight camera dealies. Basically, it is the eyes of TJ Eckleberg that are always watching, only it is only one eye and incredibly seductive.

As in, I can't stop snapping pictures of myself with the little bugger. For those of you w/ built-in-i-sight-action, do you find yourself posing for your computer endlessly? I take a picture of myself like every time I sit down to work; I'm cutting a long boring movie about the writing project I'm in the middle of; I've even started to wield my entire computer as a camera. Very silly.


* Grrrrr. Long story there involving a $250 spending limit kinda thing. Grrrrr.