Strange Signage

I noticed this strange sign at a chain "bar-b-que" joint near my house in Champaign. The sign is doing the obvious thing of attempting to make the establishment seem all "down home" via some kind of vernacular speech. Of a southern variety? I really can't tell.

The "Fri-Sat 10:30" and "Sun 9:00" at the bottom seem to suggest closing times, but that's only implied by the "9:30/Mon-Thurs" up above. And then "nite" for "night" seems meant to express a colloquialism in the same way that "pretty weared out" does, but why spell it that way? I guess if I ate more "bar-b-que" I'd know the answer.

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  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    My take is that the spelling "nite" implies people who are friendly and "down-homey" but perhaps not "well-schooled," the way you might expect country folk to be.

    The main thing that signals "Southern" is the use of "y'all," but otherwise the dialect choices imply more rural/country/nonurban more than anything.