Shadow Websites and Commencement

Our graduation ceremonies at UIUC are this weekend, and in looking for times to be places I came across this Univeristy of Illinois Commencement page ... from 2003.

That year, Barry Bearak gave the commencement address. Bearak may not be a household name, but he's a New York Times reporter, prof (or visiting prof, it's hard to tell) at Columbia, winner of a Pulitzer, and someone who ended his speech by saying "And don’t let ‘em intimidate you. Whenever you feel like it, say okey-dokey." In other words, he's a pretty typical commencement speaker: accomplished, older, and able to provide a clever but forgettable speech.

This year's graduation speech at UIUC has a chance to be a bit more memorable, I'm speculating, as Jawed Karim is taking the mic. Karim is one of the dudes who founded YouTube, and while it may be easy to guess why this recent UIUC graduate would be asked to give such a major public address, I'm expecting some humor and looking for ways he might speak with proximity to the lives of the graduates.

This is just a theory, of course. If it's good or if it's hideous, I plan to blog about it ... maybe with video on YouTube?


  1. yes! please do blog about it, spence. i'm missing this year's commencement. it'd be nice to see what Jawed says. and a YouTube video of his talk would only seem appropriate. eh? ehhh?

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    shadow websites are F-U-N!