This Found List/Note is Gross

One of the highly paid research specialists here at Found Friday turned in this item earlier in the week. Don't try this at home.


"Gag Gift for Fred"

DF found this doozy and then was kind enough to bequeath it to the Found Foundation.


Odd Logos

The Conference on Digital Humanities conference will be here at UIUC in a few weeks. But don't let the logo scare you away ...


Brood Thirteen / One Noisy Summer

Last summer, thanks to some nesting robins (Turdus migratorius) behind the house, I got to do a bit of natural history writing on the ol' blugule. This summer, though, the robins failed to return. It appears, however, that the Big Screeching Bugs (cicadas) will be back, so there should be plenty to write about.

From the Wikipedia entry on the genus Magicada:

"The next brood to emerge is Brood XIII—the Northern Illinois Brood. After a seventeen-year hiatus, this brood is scheduled to emerge in 2007, in northern Illinois and in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. However, sightings in northern Illinois have occurred as early as May 2006."


Kairos 11.3 Up and Running

Kairos 11.3 is up and running. A gang of folks from UIUC have this groovy piece which I've been enjoying this morning.


Visiting Dogs

A couple of days ago, I got lucky enough to do a bit of dog sitting for a couple of local celebrities.

These images are in sequence, telling about the Take Over of the Couch.


Jawed Karim's Commencement Address

Christine Hurt, of the Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop for untenured law professors, has this write up of Jawed Karim's commencement address at UIUC yesterday:

Karim's speech was great. It was short, it was funny, and it had video clips. He advised students to always be open to opportunity and to take risks while you can (like leaving college while still young to try something brand new). He apologized for ruining their gpa's by inventing YouTube! He was self-deprecating when reminding students that things don't work right away. In 1997, Karim's application to the University of Illinois' computer science department was rejected. He wrote a letter asking them to reconsider, which they did. (I would like to see a copy of this letter. I've seen letters from law school candidates asking for their admissions decisions to be reconsidered, and they generally only confirm initial judgments!) He also talked about how lame YouTube was in the beginning until users started uploading their own videos -- a concept that the founders had not envisioned.

The funniest line of the speech came when Karim explained that YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005. I am paraphrasing, but he said something akin to: "One of the best things about being a computer science major is that Valentine's Day is just like any other day."

I, um, missed the ceremony for undisclosable reasons.


Shadow Websites and Commencement

Our graduation ceremonies at UIUC are this weekend, and in looking for times to be places I came across this Univeristy of Illinois Commencement page ... from 2003.

That year, Barry Bearak gave the commencement address. Bearak may not be a household name, but he's a New York Times reporter, prof (or visiting prof, it's hard to tell) at Columbia, winner of a Pulitzer, and someone who ended his speech by saying "And don’t let ‘em intimidate you. Whenever you feel like it, say okey-dokey." In other words, he's a pretty typical commencement speaker: accomplished, older, and able to provide a clever but forgettable speech.

This year's graduation speech at UIUC has a chance to be a bit more memorable, I'm speculating, as Jawed Karim is taking the mic. Karim is one of the dudes who founded YouTube, and while it may be easy to guess why this recent UIUC graduate would be asked to give such a major public address, I'm expecting some humor and looking for ways he might speak with proximity to the lives of the graduates.

This is just a theory, of course. If it's good or if it's hideous, I plan to blog about it ... maybe with video on YouTube?


Found During Grading Time

Found on the walk to campus recently, along with an array of jewelry which will have to go through processing before making it to the blog. Not at all sure what the note refers to. I also just lurve how the "Call Teressa" appears at top and bottom of the reminder. :)


Found Friday: Exam Time

It's exam time at Found Friday, and for the high-exam-holidays we post one of the short-answer variety. Like notes toward a disciplinary poem, it seems to me all about
What is true and not cultural,
you know, the dominant is about being in control,
and it's all class, man, and race too,
Cause you said it best in class one day, teacher, when you said
"a microcosm is a reflective view of something that is
representative of a bigger stage (sports are a microcosm of society)"

Or could it go another way?