A Reflection of Blogging

I have something from my class that I would normally blog about, but I also want to write something for print about it, so my reflection is this: sometimes blogging works for me like pre-writing; at other times, blogging something can ummmph! take the pow! out of writing something for print.

This happened a couple of years ago (was it that long?) when I blogged a few essays on sub-iconic tattoos, and then even more recently when I posted some stuff on parkour as spatial rehab. I mean, pre-writing is good and all, and it's nice to get feedback on nascent ideas, but I'm also learning that sometimes I prefer to write things once ... which is why I'm not blogging this "something" from my class.

A largely disconnected thought: for anyone else trying to cut a 67-page draft down to 30, I recommend installing one of these in your garage. It seems to be working for me.


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  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Boxing can be very therapeutic, with a boxing bag or in a ring with another person. -tt