Optically Enhanced Statuary

I finally took a sec to snap this cell-phone pic of my favorite local bronze wearing glasses.

The other day, someone asked me why I like optically enhanced statuary so much, and I really don't know. I guess part of it is has to do with the glasslessness of the glasses, which kinda indicates the extent to which the frames act as referents. I also like the way statues and bronzes of people wearing glasses (this one's funny) concede that glasses deeply become part of a person, so much so that they would become an accoutrement remembered in bronze. As much as hairstyle or clothing, the glasses are a necessary part of the representation.

Or something like that. That still doesn't explain why they make me laugh.

I have a little set on flickr that I'm trying to grow ...

s.5's statues wearing glasses photosets.5's statues wearing glasses photoset


  1. Given your other interests, I wonder whether you have ever seen a statue of a bird watcher wearing glasses?

  2. That's a gooooood one!