Found Friday

Found Friday presents a list I've been meaning to blog for a while by an author who is, well, very cool. There are messy shopping list makers and there are tidy ones. Some of us use scraps of paper; others prefer unsullied sheets. How careful is the following author when it comes to list making?

                ☐ Whatever
                ☐ Careful
                ☑ Ultra-fastidious

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bummer no one bought forks


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I know who wrote this. -tt

  2. or do you think s/he meant "co-opt appetizer type things" ?

    and good thing sausage is scratched out. everyone knows that sausage cannot be served at a party where there is pate!

  3. speaking as someone lucky enough to attend the event with the pate and co-op appetizer type things, this list definitely did its work.

  4. Yeah, well, if you subsidize grad school by managing a catering operation, it sort of sticks (and it sure helps in pulling together a party in an hour, after an hour of shopping and a day of listening to very cool people talk) -- now if only such clean & fastidious list-making were transferable to article writing, and article-writing were as easily check-off-able, darn it.

    But who wants to come up for the next party?

  5. wow! really anne? what a great idea! the departmental parties always end up at my house (i love cooking and hosting) so i've often thought about catering myself (or dropping out of grad school and opening a diner/bookstore).

    oh, and i was obviously kidding about the pate and sausage (especially since i'm vegetarian and not very familiar with meat pairings!)


  6. See, now, I think the list looks a LOT like some other carefully constructed projects (like this)

  7. I want to come to your next party, Anne!!! Or your first Milwaukee party, that'd be closer.