Found Friday: Lost Dog Poster

Spring Break means that I'm away from the growing pile of foundlings that need to be processed and put online as part of the federally funded Found Friday Archive Project (grant #39595-fnd-objts-9686). Fortunately, though, I do have a mini-pile of foundlings in a corner of the house, one of which I present today.

From a recent walk, Found Friday brings you this lost dog poster. And no, I did not pull it off a post; the poster was fluttering about in a gutter. The handwriting betrays such frenetic desperation! I find these really sad. :(

In case you haven't seen it, Princeton Architectural Press put out an entire book dedicated to this genre. I totally love the book and have used it in classes to talk about vernacular genres in everyday life. There are even more examples of these sad pleas on Flickr.

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