BackCommenting, or Stay Out of Juvey

I wouldn't want this (buried) comment to go unnoticed, so I place it here at the top of the blog.

It was made today but responds to this post from last July, and in that sense I guess it's a backcomment. (An aside: the images from that post show up on the first page if you do a simple Google image search for skateboarding, hence the traffic.)

"Cool i love skateboarding i have a skatepark that says no skateboarding... :/!! i spray paited that all black and wrote skateeboarding ruleZ! then i got caught do it to other signs and went to juvey.. lol"

Blogs are weird in supporting commenting on buried posts; a select few of my older posts (mainly the ones about sk8ing, I confess) get daily traffic and sometimes comments (like this one). I tend to think of comments as only really postable when they refer to posts from the last, say, week, but clearly this is not the deal. Or is it that backcommenters don't realize they're posting a sticky note on old bread? Or does juvey have something to do with it?

The mystery of my weekend.

1 comment:

  1. My guess is that some do, but most don't, realize how old the post they're commenting on is. After all, digital bread doesn't go stale, and when The Google takes you directly to it, it looks as fresh as the day it was baked--er, written.

    It'd be an interesting study, though.