On this temperate Pi Day (3.14, get it?), I have to admit that I'm having trouble waiting to post this week's Found Friday entry. It's a doozy sent in from out of state. But wait I will!

On the plate today: grading meta five-paragraph essays and writing a midterm that students in my Composition Theory and Practice course will be creating cheat sheets for to clandestinely use during the exam.


  1. K. spent last evening making an apple pie for entry in the UIUC Math Department's annual Pi Day pie contest. Last year she won first place and brought home a whole lotta chocolate. Here's hoping for the same outcome this year. The bake-off is pretty much for faculty, staff, and grad students. Undergrad math majors have a pie-eating contest. I hope someone takes--and posts--pictures.

  2. And the Big Nerds On Campus Award goes to ... :)

    Nice! I love it! So the diameter of said pies is part of the assessment criteria, right?