Found Friday: Numbers!

Gramps came across a couple of sheets of numbers the other day; one is completely intelligible to him, the other utterly obscure. This makes Gramps wonder: how much of his writing is disposable? Actually disposed of? Lost? Found?

(click for larger versions of the images)


  1. Any thoughts about their purpose?

    The first one looks to me like a game score card for something played by three people. But what sort of game mostly has scores in multiples of 15?

    The second one could be a timesheet: someone keeping track of hours worked each day?

  2. I just need to tell you what a kick I get out of your found lists and bits. These are a blast. And I think Styley has some pretty good guesses.

  3. Yay!

    I was thinking game score card, too, but unsure of the game. The multiples of 15 thing may be the key!