Okay, this is weird: desktoptwo.com simulates a desktop via a browser window. The site's hype reads:

And it does just that. When you sign in, a big old window opens up with a slew of simple.apps and a simulated second desktop. It's all Flash, and it works pretty well on my Mac.

Newer Macs running OS X will still open older applications in the old OS 9, also in a new window, and I love doing this because it gives me the feeling of a machine within the machine. Desktoptwo.com adds another funny layer to this, piping the machine within the machine through a browser.

Okay, off to try out the simple.apps and see if they're any good.


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I love Desktoptwo. I signed up about 1 month ago and it's been great. I travel often for work so it's great having files wherever I need them, along with the apps to open/view/edit them. Really interesting conversations in the Message Boards as well. Very international flavor. Very good stuff.

  2. Cool! I move around a lot even just on my campus and can see continuity being improved with such an app.