Found Friday: You've Seen This Note Before

You've seen this note before; well, not this note, but a note just like it. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that federal signage regulations should dictate that all toilets be sold with a laminated version of this simple set of instructions, just because failure is so common.

(click image to make it larger
than it appears in the mirror)

Similarly, I think, office doors should be equipped with "Be Right Back!" notes, parking meters with "Broken! Does not work!" notes, and dishwashers with "Clean/Dirty" reversible signs. Who is the current National Signage Czar, anyway?

Taking another angle entirely, does anyone out there use the word rejigger? (I ask because of the jiggle in the note.) JM is a rejigger speaker; I've twice heard her say things like "I just need to rejigger the introduction," making revision seem as easy as jiggling the handle. Which is awesome!

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