Jen's Exhibit!

Jen, one of my cool big sisters, recently put together a killer exhibit of women printers and book makers in the LA area. Since I've been trying out some rudimentary paper weaving lately, I was immediately drawn to this piece by Katherine Ng.

Katherine Ng. "Spirit Vessel"
Los Angeles, California:
Pressious Jade, 1997. (UCLA Special Collections)

Ng has made a lot of amazing stuff (most of it, it seems, through the Pressious Jade label), including this edible book and, if I'm not mistaken, a few books made out of Legos. Yeah!


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    This is a pretty darned cool piece!

    Book-art is something I totally get into--ever since a former colleague of mine got two book-art pieces accepted into the permanent collection at the university. One is a box with a triptich (sp?) of a naked woman in it and assorted possible arrangements of a text by everyone's favorite critical theorist from the 80s, which reveals or exposes her. Another is also a box with a severed head inside, and the "pages" are scrolls that can be taken out in any order from the snakelike snarls of curls on the head. That text is a personal one by the artist.

    I really want to go check out this piece more up close, as well. -tt

  2. No doubt: artist books make me think about how visually impoverished most of the texts I read sadly are.

    A cool thing about Ng's piece: it's very small! Like teensy!

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    I was lucky to see the work up close. Go see it! And Jen is an awesome curator!