Having gridded out the course calendars for my spring classes, yesterday I turned to writing up the assignments. I've learned that teaching graduate classes takes less assignment planning (for me) than undergrad classes, but the graduate classes more than make up for that with the demands on reading and prep during the week.

I think I mentioned the other day that students in my Composition Theory and Practice class will write regular reading response papers (working with various kinds of "constraint"). They will also take on two new projects: a cheating-midterm, in which they develop detailed cheat-sheets, take the test, and write a reflective essay (take home) about cheat-sheet development as a way writing can be integral to learning; they'll also have to elaborately plagiarize a midterm paper, one of Mike's cool ideas I'm riffing on.

I've often wondered if I'll someday feel I have the classes I teach figured out to the extent that I stop revising them, but at this point I'm comfortable with the conclusion that teaching new texts and projects is what it's all about.

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