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Some recent blog posts about the upcoming MLA convention:

othhin writes about not "being thrilled" about interviewing for a job with a 4/4 teaching load: "why is there an inverse relationship between the focus on teaching and the quantity of the teaching load?"

Absurdist Paradise on the topic of interview question preparation: "I read somewhere that the 'dream course' question is a trick. It's not about the course you'd love to teach, but the one that fits in with their curriculum."

Don't Ask Me reminds us that more than interviews happen at the MLA ... in fact, some go to MLA to receive awards!

Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes posts a few job-search rejection letters along w/ insightful commentary.

Freixenet asks for stories about the convention ... and gets a LOT of them

PhD LadyBug gets super excited! about a call for an MLA interview, then asks the committee if a phone interview would be possible (due to the cost of going to MLA.) (caliban323 also talks about how expensive going to MLA can be.)

Itinerant Thinker posts about throwing in the towel on the academic job search: "There is one school that said it would be interviewing at MLA that I'm still interested in; they are three weeks past their "you'll hear by" deadline, and I'm not holding out much hope."

What now? and a few others talk about relying on the job search wiki for info.

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