Found Friday Fragments

One of the things I like about finding things is that every found object is a fragment of something larger and never entirely knowable: activities, experiences, plans, things, and lives.

For want of a cell-phone antenna, a call was lost.
For want of a call, a conversation was lost.
For want of a conversation, DF was not annoyed in a café.

Every time I encounter the phrase—"be unique, be Greek"—I think of one thing: my Shakespeare professor in college, Reg Saner, who once corrected a student for describing something as "really unique."

"Unique," Professor Saner said with one hand raised before the class, "needs no modifier. Nothing before it, people. Because when something is unique, there is but one."

In Champaign, if you serve alcohol in a restaurant you need to wear a number. Server 32, do you want your number back?

(click for clearer version)

This last one is the real mystery in the bunch. I showed it to PB and JO last night at the rhetorical studies reading group—just a few moments after finding it—and JO came closest, it seemed, to a working theory of the note. He suggested that it could track specific moments in a video or film?

So yeah, if you have any idea what type of rhetorical action this artifact may have helped to orchestrate, I'd love to hear it.


  1. looks like server 32 owns a cat or something.

  2. Found near the campus bars -- where servers get clawed at. :)

  3. -elios7:02 PM

    where oh where could you have found that "Be Greek" pin?

  4. Who said it was a pin?