Found Friday: Paper Weaving

As the found research team scurries off to vacation haunts and crowded conferences, we're doing something a little bit different here on Found Friday.

Below is a .mov version of a found-paper-project.

The bucket of register tapes in the first still was "found" at Goodwill in Portland (okay, I'll admit it: I paid $2 for the lot); the rest of the paper was "found" in various closets around my house.

Students in my upcoming "Composition Theory and Practice" course can rejoice in the fact that I have many spools of register tape left over, as reading response papers throughout the term will deal with various orders of constraint, a composition feature the spools, once distributed, will work perfectly to engender.


  1. Impatient11:53 PM

    The paper speaks . . .
    but what does it say?