After a Week Away

After a week away from this blog, as a writing space, a page, and a text, I find the writing a little tough to get back into. A range of topics present themselves—a post on the role of collacational phrases in the architecture of tag clouds, inspired by Collin's smart presentation at MLA; something else about auto-generated content features in computer mediated communication; a silly post about the conundrums created by being "out of network" when the phone rings; something else on my still-emergent semiotic theory of sub-iconic tattoos and body modification—but having not been writing here for about a week, none of those sound right.

What's nice about blogging, for me, is that a nothing post like this one is okay: call it pre-writing or just mere scribbling, it's legit in the form. Words for the sake of getting the ball rolling, creating momentum, or reconnecting with readers.

I found myself talking quite a bit this past week about my interest in impermanent and disposable writing, and though this post will be auto-archived (like the others), I'm guessing at some point it will get purged. I like thinking about disposable writing for a number of reasons, but the one that comes most to mind right now has to do with the way it highlights the immediate and situated instrumentality of transactional written discourse.

Which reminds me: Found Friday is a week behind!

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