UCLA Campus Police Electrocute Student in the Library

A painful video on YouTube of the UCLA campus police repeatedly electrocuting a student in the library in an apparent effort to remove him from the premises.

Previously blogged by rebel radio, netzoo, and martini republic.

To my surprise, not yet mentioned on rowdy librarian or any of the other librarian blogs I read. Do they cover how to deal with police brutality in library school?

The LA Times has this story about the incident. A statement by the PD is here.

Though I wouldn't typically cite him, Dave Kopel writes, in "Smash-Up Policing: When Law Enforcement Goes Military":
But the most dangerous aspect of police militarization isn't the machine guns: It's the change in police attitudes. In a constitutional republic, policemen are supposed to be "peace officers." Police militarization promotes maximal use of force as a solution, even when no force at all is required.

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