While I can remember a time when I used a range of search engines, BigGoogle has pretty much taken my searching over in the way it has colonized everything else. A few weeks back, Lei Lani was nice enough to turn me on to SearchMash, a search engine that reveals the hauls of both text and image searches on the same page.

So instead of having to tab-click between text and image results, as you do when you use BigGoogle, on SearchMash you get something like this:

Chasm Sized Segue #1: This reminds me of a conversation I had with the students in my "Writing Technologies" class yesterday, in that a few folks reported mainly attending to the images on Facebook these days. I was a bit surprised by this, but then realized that I do this more and more with BigGoogle, too, often searching for images in order to route to a page or site.

Chasm Sized Segue #2: It's happened again: my silly picture of an anti-skateboarding sign has been picked up, duplicated, and is methamphetamizing my web traffic. While it used to be the number one image hit on BigGoogle (if you did an image search for "skateboarding"), it's now like fifteenth or something. I mean, it's an okay image, but the naming of jpgs and gifs seems to me to be valued waaaay too much in the prioritization of image search results.


  1. number one hits on google image searches are interesting ...

    also, have you tried vivisimo? i kind of like it better than google although i am still google-i-fied.