Found ... Thursday? "Come Up With Plan to Keep Mom Away"!

You're walking down the sidewalk. Fallen leaves. Irregularities in the pavement. A conversation about attributes and relations in database fields. Suddenly, before you on the pavement, a scrap of paper. Stop. Pick it up. Uncrumble and read.

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Now, there are a number of priceless items on this list, but what could possibly compare with number three? And it's crossed out!

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Like all found texts, this one leaves soooo many unanswered questions. Such are the challenges of artifact analysis when there is no writer to chat with—and yet, we think we know at least some of the perambulations this list tracks. Getting rid of old clothes. An unfulfilled desire to exercise. And what, the country club doesn't do email?

Poor mom, if it wasn't for this list, you may never have been kept away.

.... .... .... ....

A Little Bit On StrikeThroughs

This list also makes me think about strikethroughs a little bit—and by strikethrough I mean both the tag that creates text of this kind and struck text.

The tag, of course, is just the simple <strike> followed by </strike>, and online such legible disruption of standard text can denote anything from sarcasm to corrected error.
  • sarcasm: "I am completely thrilled about the fact that my website went down yesterday"
  • corrected error: "My current archive of 265 (update: 266!) found notes-and-lists is close to requiring a second file folder."

But! Isn't it true that, when it comes to handwritten lists, the same graphic element of the strikethrough, when done in such a way to still make the struck text legible, signifies only one thing: completion? In this way, a graphic element such as the strikethrough (I'm hesitant to say punctuation mark), when jumping technologies and genres, can be used in new and multiple ways without disrupting the original and still-ongoing practice.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Tot had to get special dispensation from the graduate school so she could use strikethrough in headings in her dissertation. Seriously. --tt

  2. Strikethroughs are so radical! ;)

  3. Ha! I told you your website was down but you disbelieved. I think all of the items on the list read together certainly suggest a healthy amount of privilege in the note-writer's life (sigh... leisure time for myspace, contact lenses, donating clothes to Goodwill). Still left wondering what one calls country clubs about anyway...

  4. "Flashin' the 404" it was! Damn!


    Found transcript from that phone call to the club:

    "Hi, Country Club? ... Okay, good. ... I'm trying to come up with a plan to like keep my Mom away? ... Yeah, that's right: my Mom. Soooo, I was wondering ..."

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Thanks for the lesson, professa!