F- f- f- found Friday!

Two little literate artifacts found this week, one intelligible and the other full of mystery. First the one that makes all kinds of sense, found on the margins of campus:

I'm particularly fond of the "courses you need" moment, as it marks a very directive and bossy author working to use the text for, if seems to me, self regulation. I guess "courses I need" would accomplish the same thing, but the way the to-do list seems to legitimate talking to oneself with a "you" is ... liberating?

This is the foundling I can't quite figure out:

Upon finding and reading it, I immediately flipped it over, assuming the genre of the language-learning flash card. And when I showed it to two or three other members of the found-object research team here at the blog, they all did the same thing.

But the back of the card is blank.

A memory tool for an in-class dialogue? I guess I can see that, but I'm still stuck on the idea of daddy putting on the speaker's "tenny runners." I mean, has that ever happened to anyone?


  1. hm. that last one reads more like a note someone is jotting to someone in a meeting or during class. ie very context specific and as such probably (in context) pretty funny.

  2. I think the notecard is a long-lost memo by Roger Waters of a lyric that never quite made it onto The Wall.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    "Tenny runners" means "tennis shoes":


    I bet those are lyrics.


  4. ok, i'll finish the verse

    daddy, what are you doing?
    putting on my tenny runners?
    daddy, where are you running?
    can't you find the car keys?

  5. I like alllllll of these ideas/readings!

  6. dhawhee, can we get that as a podcast? :)

  7. katka6:52 PM

    I gave my class an assignment last week to write down three things on an index card that would remind them of anecdotes worth writing about. Perhaps it's one of those, 2/3rds completed?

  8. Wow! That's what I call getting to the source!