EBSCO LISTA's Visual Search

Got a tip from BP to check out EBSCO'S LISTA research database—your library may subscribe to it. LISTA, by the way, stands for "Library, information science & technology abstracts," reminding us all that when it comes to data, the librarians have it going on.

Employing an architecture of visual relation (similar to the visual thesaurus, which I've never really liked, and AirTightInteractive's flickr tag browser, which I'm ka-razy about!), LISTA has a "visual search" tab that presents findings in tidy atomic clusters:

(click to make the image
in the mirror larger than it appears)

If you mouse-over the little wheels of gumballs, you get details on each item.

Even though the seeming immaculateness of such proxemics are fictitious, I find it nice to "see" potential sources as space-consuming entities.

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