Crazy Email of the Morning

I've posted a few times before about what I sometimes refer to as Research 2.0: the leveraging of online social networks (as opposed to traditional research tools) to find stuff out. Instances of research 2.0 are most prominent on some of the lists I'm on when/where folks email the list looking for articles they could easily find in an online database.

I suppose Research 2.1 adds a level of specialized labor to "just" research.

I've deleted it now (such haste!), but a funny email came through this morning addressed to all or nearly all of the UIUC English faculty. In once succinct paragraph, the message asked for assistance editing some graduate application materials. This student, who shall remain nameless, thought it was a good idea to solicit twenty or thirty of us for help with some proofreading. This is strange for many reasons, most of them obvious.

Of course, if we'd all responded with suggestions, said nameless student would have been swamped.


  1. I didn't delete mine! One of our colleagues forwarded it to the dean of the vet school.

    I am a forth year veterinary student at the university of Illinois. I am currently applying for internships and was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at my letter of intent for grammatical errors. I understand that you are very busy and would really appreciate a few minutes of your time. If you are willing to do this for me, please email me back and I will email my letter of intent to you.

  2. This is so nuts! My friend John equated this letter to one addressed to the faculty in veterinary medicine asking to help out with a sick dog. :)

  3. katka9:07 AM

    I wrote the assistant dean who wrote back "oh my. we will speak to her."

  4. That's an excellent comparison your friend has. In factc, I might email the nameless person and ask her for her advice on pooper scoopers.