That Time of Year Again

Playing with a newish GoogleMaps integration on my referrer logs—it attaches user info to a pin-on-the-map representation—I noticed a little traffic coming in from Pass and Cross.

Which reminds me: it's time for the annual ritual of hyping 9interviews.com! (A person needs ritual, right?) So allow me this round-up of chatter about the site:

Pass and Cross
"What makes them funny is that at the same time that they are absolutely ridiculous, there's more than a touch of truth to them. My picks--The Singer, The Trauma Scholar, The Irish Rave/Ethnographer"

Paris Hat
"please take a couple of minutes to look at this: 9interviews.com. The "singer" is amazing. These are RICH!"

Uncertain Principles
"Speaking of the MLA, The Little Professor points to 9 Interviews, a collection of short films of fake MLA interviews with job candidates. They're probably funnier to people who've been through that process, but there's some good stuff."

Detached Observer
"So while I'm at it, here is a link: if you are in any way affiliated with academia, go to 9interviews.com to see something hilarious ("trauma scholar" is my personal favorite)."

Poor Mojo Newswire
"Ever wonder why some people go to graduate school for a while, then abandon the idea of putting 'Prof.' before their name so they can hit what I've heard referred to as 'the service track?'"

Annual hype routine over.


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The top of your blog is cut off on my IE window.

  2. One more reason to switch to Firefox!

    (joking; I'll see what I can do) Thanks!