Found Recipe Friday

Sometimes, even the simplest things find their way into writing. I came across an example of this two days ago in the hallway near my office. (Bottom image is the reverse side.)

A few things we know about this text include 1) the blue pen died, 2) making the switch to red does not mark emphasis (as red might), 3) the recipe does not begin with an application of Blistex. Numbers two and three are forms of not-reading—the active suppression of semiotic cues.

But my question may be your question: do rudimentary gustatory assemblages such as this one really call for written description?


Three other artifacts have been recovered in the hallway outside my office, leading the Lead Researcher on this project to speculate that some particularly generous member of the UIUC community is planting artifacts near my office door just to keep me happy. For this, I give thanks.


  1. Even this level of cooking might be intimidating to someone without much experience--maybe an undergrad trying to impress a date or something (which, if done often and successfully enough, might explain the blistex staionery).

    I just wish there were one more "m" in "cucummber.