Found Friday 3.0

The research team here at metaspencer monster blog! faces a number of challenges (don't even talk to me about funding for the intern hand-sanitizer fellowship), but one of the least discussed difficulties relates to the scope of our current data set.

When collecting artifacts of this kind, and when working toward generalized conclusions based on those artifacts, one generally tends to want a broad sample. The textual artifacts recently collected by the team, however, have been mainly educational in nature.

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In terms of the item above, it's all about the fold, which transform a simple sheet of paper into a low-tech test-prep technology. Try doing that with your tablet pc.

The following item, though an educational artifact, is also about birds: so it does double-duty.

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  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I think it's strange this writer used hiragana for the first couple of vocabulary items and then switched to roomaji. The hiragana looks well-formed, so the writer is otherwise adept and comfortable with it. Interesting. --tt