Blogs Going Down

Via Bérubé, news that another blog has gone down—this time, we learn the reason:
System Offline

After family discussion regarding a commenter's threat of violence against our dog, Creek Running North has been taken offline.

Over at Lance Massey's blog there is a do-over, which is not nearly as extreme, and these two de-textualization events make me think of caustic soda, a blog at UIUC that has existed for over a year as only this message:

I recognize and accept that a number of statements that I made on my on-line journal “Caustic Soda”, in particular the blog post of 3 March 2005, were defamatory of [name], its Chairman, [name] and its executive officers.

I admit and acknowledge that these statements are false and completely without any foundation.

I unreservedly apologize to [name], its Chairman [name], and its executive officers for the distress and embarrassment caused to them by these statements.

I undertake not to repeat the statements, or make further statements of the same or similar effect in this or any other forum or media. I further undertake to remove any such posting anywhere that has not been deleted.

Though the most common cause of blog.death is disuse, here we see threats and misuse bringing blogs down. Wasn't it Hercules who whacked off the head(s) of the hydra, only to see more grow back? I gain reassurance in the fact that when blogs go down they (and their authors) can return/reconfigure in new places.

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