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The other day, walking along with ml and dh, I noticed this note on the ground. Per the research mission of this blog, I picked it up.

We had a good laugh about the meticulousness of the numbering, the "blue curling iron" proviso, and the list-lingo of "socks & such." P, did you get your stuff?

This list goes in the archive beside two others found this week:

Over the years, I've found a lot of don't-tow-me-because notes like this one, but none deploy the brilliant "Sorry/Thanks!" closing. I'm going to start closing emails sorry/thanks from now on.

The last one, as you can probably tell, was both a product of and found near our beloved English Building. A simple note card consists of simple notes, which makes it work.


  1. I can't help but wonder what the entry "meds/face stuff" refers to. Does the "/" mean they're connected--as in medication for the face (maybe a topical steroid for dermatitis)? If so, why separate them at all? If not, why put them in the same entry? Maybe the person takes other meds, and since the term "meds" generally signifies pills, the list-writer's sense of piety (in the Burkean sense) led her--I'm assuming the author's a "her"--to make the distinction?


  2. We definitely get some gender indicators from the items and the handwriting -- gender and handwriting is something I've been chatting through in one of my classes this fall. As thorny to analyze as any marker of gender in language.

    As for the "/" -- what Cynthia Hayes calls a "virgule, a solidus, a dia/critical mark" -- it's weird. Why separate with all the numbers and then link/conflate? And how could someone THIS neat and organized lose this list???

  3. c. . . .12:23 PM

    could be that the / items (deoderant/toothbrush and meds/face stuff) are stored in the same place such that grabbing one facilitates grabbing the other - similarly, socks & such could indicate a shared drawer (or a discomfort with variations on the word "underwear").

  4. Underwear! I can't believe you just "said" that word! :)

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Underwear. --tt

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    That doesn't count, tt: you allllways say "underwear." It is, in many ways, your mantra.