Dead Hard Drive

The final diagnosis on my office mac is that the hard drive is toast. Close readers of recent comments will recall that it sounded as if a small bird was lodged inside the thing, reminding me that Hitachi still has these diagnostic sounds of toasted hard drives online. Speaking of birds: I'm much more used to using recorded sounds of actual birds to identify birds than I am to using recorded sounds of dead and dying hard drives (that sounds like dead and dying birds) to diagnose computer failure. The adjustment has been rough.

Those same close readers of recent comments will note that there has been a tad of critique of the nature of the recent IHE piece. (And you should see the email.) Having had my code copied and republished with my name as "author" still on it several times, I'm not too tweaked off about the degree to which the article mimics my original posts. Okay: I'm a little bothered. But when your hard drive croaks and serious data loss ensues, a little un-cited paraphrasing is small spuds.

What is bothering me is how s-l-o-w-l-y some of my students are picking up html this semester. No joke: three weeks into the term and several very bright students are still struggling with the most basic elements of the coding structure.

Since it's Friday and I'm as toasted as that hard drive, I will attribute this attenuated learning rate to the mechanics of online template composition which establish benchmarks for techno-literacy that are measured only in terms of how deftly one learns to manipulate a code-generating template and have nothing to do with the careful orchestration of tags and commands.

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  1. Awww. I found some of the Hitachi sounds quite charming, but I'm very sorry to hear about your hard drive.