Another Foundling

My "Writing Technologies" class is currently doing research about handwriting on campus, and in their preliminary findings I'm reminded of just how much you can do with the page (and a handheld implement) that the constraints of the screen militate against.

This found object emphasizes the directional elasticities of the page; from the backlog file.

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  1. Re: the directional elasticities of pen/pencil/other and paper, I made the same point to my "Intro to Composition" grad class Monday when we were talking about writing technologies and the possibilities for and constraints on composing they place.

    It must be the "constraints" part that explains why they all looked at me as if I were insane when I suggested that I'd like to write an academic essay on a beach using driftwood and other beach-related detritus such that it could only be read from an airplane or helicopter.