Mystery 12.3

I keep finding things I don't quite understand over near one of the elementary schools by my house.

You cut up some little hearts and flowerish things, then you put them in a small ZiplocTM bag? But why? To keep them dry? To hand out a regulated set of said objects to students in the class? Because little paper shapes are dirty, like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich?

These explanations make no sense to me, maybe because they're not really explanations but wild speculative conjecture made by someone who's never lived in baggie land.

My relationship with this baggie, though, pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings about artifact analysis. The artifact it, but its history is invariably a lived one to some extent, and how can we ever know what's really up with our little baggie-like-artifacts without having seen them created, spent time with the baggie-stuffers, and perhaps dropped our own little baggies on the way to third grade? With that many angles on the project and no fewer, I'd begin to feel comfortable in making sense of said baggie.

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