iTunes Lyrics Widget

While I try not to sing the praises of computers too loudly, in this case I can't help myself—sing!—the iTunes lyrics widget for mac is downright amazing.

Something is playing in iTunes, like Tom Waits just a second ago, but he's grumbling as he usually does so you can't make out a word that he's saying. No problem: slide the cursor over to the iTunes lyrics widget and, presto!, the lyrics.

Thanks to the sharing function in iTunes, too, most of what I've been listening to on my office mac hasn't been on my drive but resides elsewhere in the network. (Go to the preferences menu in iTunes, then "sharing," click on "share my music." You'll then have access to the tunes and other media of anyone on your network who has iTunes open and has clicked "share my music.")

While I'm not at all convinced that a wired computer is the best writing machine out there, it sure is a satisfying complacency device when it comes to hours of office work.

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  1. Uh-huh. Tom Waits. Right. I imagine your lyrics were more along the lines of
    "Every little thing that you say or do
    I'm hung up
    I'm hung up on you."