Flickr Javascript Slideshow

Just tried out this simple javascript slideshow that pulls images from a batched set in flickr:

I think it works and looks pretty good.

This little applet is one of about a zillion flickr tools that serve as companions to a site that is, on its own, an already malleable storage resource, archive, and instance of social software in its simplest form.

Speaking of which, I spent part of yesterday bookmarking, tagging, and organizing all of the readings for my "Writing Technologies" class in del.icio.us (they're batched at the top of my list as 481).

I originally got this idea from cbd who, in a very useful post, details a simple set of steps and nitty gritty of using del.ico.us in this way.

Students in my writing.tech course will maintain their own del.ic pages, too, so (once we're all networked) it'll be easy to share links and grow our list of resources/links collectively. This will take a bit of fascism planning on my end, in terms of establishing guidelines for batching and tagging, and I predict some diligence in encouraging students to bookmark with Martha Stewart in mind: you simply have to be orderly when working with a large number of bookmarks. In bouncing around other del.ic pages, I see some chaos in people's lists of links.

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