Back-To-School Encounters

A knock on the office door: "Is this English 300? I mean, I'm looking for English 300?" Together, we look at the number on my door. It reads "300." "Yeah, this is it," I say.

Lost Student pokes head in my office and looks around. "Geesh. I found it Wednesday [which was a Monday] just fine, but now ..." Soon we discover she's in the wrong building.

In her wake I look down and see this piece of paper getting trampled in the hallway. It is, perhaps, the quintessential back-to-school document:

The same day, two more students walk in my office (one after knocking), both needing help finding their classes. After some quick online reference, they're on their way.

I find that one of my classrooms seats fifty and has twenty students enrolled; the other seats eight and has fifteen students enrolled. When I switch to a "high-tech" media classroom—none of the equipment is hooked up.

But I'm not grumbling: it's nice to have these back-to-school encounters and to find myself caught up in the campus.buzz once again.


  1. Today a student poked his head into the room where we were having our first Dept. meeting of the term to ask where the washroom was. Hilarity ensued.