Spent the last week on the East Coast and, surprisingly, away from email and the web. For a week. I did have a shortwave radio, so there is no need to email me to say there is another war in the world.

Re: being away from email and the web for a week: No worries. After the shakes go away, it's really not that bad.

Came across some interesting landro-signage in a laudromat out on Long Island.

The first image includes a secondary "correction" (in blue) and the use of red to indicate stress. I like the red in this and a number of the other signs.

An instance of written metathesis in this one ("floding")—I also like the internal caps on "Clothing Only" that work like a subtle eh-hem!

More of the red lettering I was talking about; here it does a great job of emphasizing what's most important in the sign. The single quotes on "'Correct Temp'" are a bit puzzling, unless you've seen them used to indicate emphasis in this way—something circulating in the vernacular. A friend in Seattle once pointed out a sign that read: "Do not leave "shoes" on the landing," and now that I know to look for it, I see quotation marks used this way all the time in signage.

(Edited to Add: Also check out the word spacing used to enact right-and-left justified margins.)

And a shift to the regularity of stencils in this somewhat newer sign, while still preserving the diversity of multiple colors. I like how the stenciled letters float on, above, and below the typographic baseline.

For more reasons than one, it's good to stop and do some laundry once in a while.

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