History of the Button

My friend Bill has been developing a history of the button over at the aptly named historyofthebutton.com. Bill works at Ziba Design, a hothouse for playful ideas, tech, and design.

Bill's button site (I guess I could call it a blog) is lovely in its simplicity, but figuring out what's up with the button has been anything but simple. He writes about portability, the semiotics of buttons, phrases involving buttons in popular culture, and about a million other things.

Bill is all about this kind of inquiry: I can still remember a series of posts back at fluxion.com where he explored everyday-household-ojects.com, so like "fork.com" and "spoon.com," and then wrote about all the bizarre things he found on those sites. This button page is terrific, and I very much expect it to become a book.

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