Chanterelles Galore

A couple of days of hard rain ... a flooded basement ... I think to myself if wild mushrooms were growing in the nearby parks, this might as well be the Pacific Northwest. Welllll, out on a walk this morning at/in [location shall remain undisclosed, following the Foraging Code], bp and I harvested a gigantic bag full of chanterelles.

Though it doesn't focus specifically on fungi of the Mid West (is there any guide that does?), by far my favorite field guide to mushrooms is All the Rain Promises and More, a useful guide with lots of funny pictures—but also a guide that doesn't take itself too seriously. A few late-nineteenth-century bird guide authors mention which birds are tasty and which ones "clammy" or "tough," but this mushroom guide goes so far as to provide recipes. Why not?

To preserve the delicate flavor of the chanterelle, I'm all about sautéing the batch in a squig of olive oil, applying salt and fresh thyme, and then transporting the mound to crisp toast. I've had them sautéed in champagne, but that produces some kind of flavor-mojo that goes right by my palate. This morning, the olive oil and thyme did the trick.


  1. To quote Napoleon Dynamite: "lucky!"

    Ever try a bit of chopped garlic with the thyme and shrooms? Hard to beat, if you don't overdo it.

  2. MMmmmmmm! Yuummmmmmy!