You May Find This Gross

Baby birds could not be more unlike baby pandas, and in that way a lot of people think baby birds are kinda gross.

Though I might not experience cute overload upon gazing at the Turdus tots out back, it did strike me as particularly cute when this little buzzard lifted it's wobbly head to try and beg a worm off my camera.

Key-yute! I muttered to myself.

There are about a zillion other people with robin nest pictures on flickr, and a quick Google-ization finds precisely two zillion random blog entries on the domestic habits of Turdus migratorius.

But! What metaspencer's avian musings™ has to offer that is different from all of those is this list of hair-brained speculations about why so many people think baby birds are gross:
  1. the obvious helplessness somehow terrifies us
  2. no fur or hair, and we like fur or hair on little cute things
  3. we like cute things we can touch, and baby birds seem too fragile to touch
  4. calling "baby birds" gross is a safe way to refer to "babies" as gross without going so far as to say that human babies can be a little bit gross
  5. they look too much like Mick Jagger


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    That bird totally looks like Mick Jagger. Scary. -bp

  2. Their little eye thingies look like they might pop!

    (hi bp!)

  3. Pop! (I'll have to check tomorrow, but I'm guessing they can open and close their eyes by now ... the little buggers.) Photo to follow.