Visual Communication in Science Workshop

This over the wire from Lei Lani; thought I'd post it here in case others at UIUC might be interested in going (and carpooling?).

From: felice frankel
Subject: Regional Workshops for Visually Expressing Science

Dear colleagues and friends:

I wanted to let you know about IM2.1, our successful regional post-Image and Meaning 2 (IM2) workshop, just held at Sigma Xi headquarters June 2, and to encourage you to think about attending one of our future regional workshops.

The next one, IM2.2 will be held Sept 7-8: 2006, at the Illinois Institute of Technology, IIC, in Chicago.

The workshops for this coming academic year are precisely that-very small interdisciplinary groups, intimately working with session leaders, all deeply involved with the visual expression of science.

There are no presentations. We leave that for the larger Image and Meaning events.

These short workshops are a means to truly talk to each other in small groups, to share ideas and challenges and to discover the universal issues we all address in visually representing science and engineering.

We ask for a one-page submission only to divide the groups properly. No other judgments are made, whatsoever.

Solid Deadline: August 4, 2006

For specifics, please go to: http://www.sigmaxi.org...

Learning after our first small workshop last week, we have decided to make the next workshops 1.5 days, giving us an extra afternoon/evening to introduce ourselves to each other. We are eager to make these programs work for ALL participants.

We plan to have ONLY 30 people (INCLUDING STUDENTS) for each regional workshop: 3 groups of ten. Who will come will be decided ONLY by the goal of making balanced groups.

Martin Baucom, our program manager at Sigma Xi will respond to your questions and accept your submissions. We are thrilled to partner with the Society, making this a truly interdisciplinary and global effort.

How can you participate?

Please go to:http://www.sigmaxi.org...

And also take a look at our updated website:


We welcome EVERYONE to participate and to join us in creating a truly exciting

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