Turdus migratorius

At some point during the year—it might have been winter break—I built a little gaze-boo-type-dealio over my back stoop; little did I know, at the time, that I was building a robin hatchery.

My reference books tell me that American Robins (Turdus migratorious) typically lay up to seven eggs, so these three blue-greenies will make for a small brood. Of course, robins are thrushes, not robins, and the misnomer has everything to do with odd practices of naming "new world" birds after what were familiar (and comforting?) Euro-species.

The robin on my gaze-boo started making the nest using big messy piles of long and newly-cut green grass (around May 28th), then moved to dry twigs, then installed the lovely plastic bag (the edges of which are visible in the picture). I'm most impressed by the layer of mud, which went in next, followed by finer grass wands.

More on the Turdus clan as things develop.

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