My pal Turdus was particularly vigilant about minding the nest yesterday, and poking my camera lens in there this morning, I can see why:

You can't see a lot in the picture, but the little one-day-old squabs are snoozing in little egg-shaped balls. While they'll fledge in just a few weeks, at the moment altricial is the operative term.

Bring us some pre-digested worm, and bring it now!

My friend BS has a House Finch nest in a planter in front of her house, and along with the finch eggs it has what she is guessing is a Cow Bird egg. Cow Birds are cleptoparasitic, and after just a day or two the visiting squab will push the other eggs and/or squabs out of the nest. Thinking of this, I find myself instantly protective of the Turdus clutch out back. But that's silly: we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

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