Research 2.0

I get requests over email every few weeks to help people with their research. Is this normal? I really have no idea; I've never talked with anyone about this before. I just assume it's normal.

In response to an email that comes in today, however, I got nuttin':
I'm a 4th year Romanian student at the Bucharest University and I'm working at my research paper for my graduation in June. The title of my paper is "Stephen Crane: between fiction and nonfiction". Unfortunately, in my country I didn't find critical sources or appropriate materials for my research. I can't even have access on the "Muse" internet page because they are not accepting Romanian members. These days I run into your mail address and would like to ask you for an "intellectual" support. I need information about Stephen Crane's journalistic fiction (reportage) / nonfiction. I would really appreciate your help. Please find a little time to answer me back; I'm really short of time.


  1. Yah, I got this too, and as you know our dept. secretary just kindly forwarded it to us all. It kind of reminds me of those bank account emails with its urgency and whatnot.

  2. Ha! It was soooo funny to see it come around the second time.

    There is a possible phishing scam discussed here http://kairosnews.org/umea-university-phishing-scam that this sort of reminds me of, too, but my read on the email is that it's merely research 2.0. Definition: Ask someone else on the network to do your research for you.