City Birds

On a recent walk around Portland, I came across the results of some careful stenciling. Of course, I was drawn to these images in particular because of the birds: I love seeing artistic images of birds that are species specific. Something puffin-ish is outlined in red at bottom, while a vaguely kite-like bird chases what could be a Vaux's Swift at top.

I like to think it's a Vaux's Swift because there are so many of the little buggers in Portland, a particular unused chimney in the NW part of town being home to some thousand-or-so Vaux's Swifts each year. Plus, I like to imagine a hoodie-clad orni-stenciler running around Portland in the dark of night—perhaps a new face of the Audubon Society?

Here's some more detail of the puffin-ish stencil at bottom: it's a three-color job, and after seeing this one I started noticing other multi-color stencil art around town. A car. A potted plant. Though I didn't get pictures of those.

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